Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy

My training is in humanistic and integrative psychotherapy.

Humanistic therapy suggests that when we experience empathy and unconditional positive regard and the therapist is congruent, in other words aware within him or herself of what s/he experiences and prepared to communicate this when necessary, then we will naturally heal, grow and discover our unique potential.

Integrative therapy means that a variety of therapeutic approaches and ideas are known and so the therapist can sensitively adapt to the needs of each individual.

My belief is that the relationship between therapist and client is as important as the type of therapy practiced. It is often within relationships, as children with our parents and with other significant people throughout our lives, that emotional injury occurs, and it is within the relationship with the therapist that these injuries can surface and be resolved.

I am also very influenced by my barefoot practitioner training and by my experiences as a client of craniosacral therapy. These approaches have much in common with mindfulness, and view the body as integral in working with emotional difficulties.